Monetization Opportunities and Earnings

How Performers Can Work and Make Money on Live Music Cams

For performers, there are several ways to work and make money on our website. The following monetization features are available to you solo or with other performers at the same time sharing the revenues received:

  • Tips – During all live show types, free or paid
  • Song Requests – During all live show types, free or paid
  • Events – Scheduled Concerts, Private Venue Performances, Bar Show Tickets, Corporate Events, etc.
  • Hire a Performer – Fans can book you for Private Parties, etc.
  • Pay per Minute Viewing – Fans can pay per minute if you choose
  • Private Questions – Fans can send you private messages offline
  • Private Chatting – Fans can request to chat with you in private
  • Private Video Calls – Fans can request a private video call
  • Meet and Greets
  • Private Video Conferences

Our monetization features above are paid to performers in Gold Records. Gold Records are our tokens or coin system that are purchased by Fans to tip performers, pay for event tickets, concert tickets, hire performers by the minute, ask private questions offline, chat privately, private video or audio only calls, etc. The gold records received from fans are converted to cash, $U.S. American Dollars and are converted based on the value of each gold record. Fans purchase the gold records at one value and Performers get a percentage of that value for themselves.


Tips can be received during free or private live streaming monetization opportunities listed above when a fan wants to show their gratitude and thanks for your efforts and entertainment.

All performers have the options to add a song list to their show. It is recommended that this song list be played in the order listed to provide your fans with a scheduled list of songs you intend to play and are familiar with. This can provide a better experience for your fans so you are not put on the spot or attempt to play a song that you are not sure about. However, the choice will always be your in how to choose to work your live performances. Fans can request songs out of this order and provide a tip or incentive to play that song next.

Events can be created for anything you like. For instance, you might want to have concerts only for your fans or you may choose to provide free shows and concert events. These events can be set up as a online virtual event only or in conjunction with a local performance with an address for local attendees to come to attend.

Fans can hire a performer for whatever reason. They can simply contact you through your webcam room and choose to hire you for private or free live steaming shows, chatting with their customers, answering questions for their guests, singing or communicating using voice only. The options are endless.

Pay per Minute viewing is when a performer sets a specific rate for fans to pay per minute. So for instance, a performer can set up an event and sell tickets at a rate lower than normal and add a pay per minute viewing option to the event. This will benefit the fans as they will pay a small ticket fee initially but then pay for only as long as they stay online in your event. This will be a private 1-way group event, meaning the group can watch and listen to the performer live streaming performance but the fans will not be able to live stream their webcams.

Private Question and Chatting is an opportunity for fans to talk to performers either by sending an offline private question or by requesting a live private chat in real time without the need to disclose your private email or chat accounts.

Private Video Calls can be requested from fans. Performers can set their desired rate per minute for the private video call without the need to create an event. These private video calls can be 1-way or 2-ways where the performer and fan can see and talk to each other at the same time.

Performers can create special events for their performances and provide additional event add-ons for their fans such as Meet and Greets after the performance.

Private Video Conferences can be created where fans are charged per minute to meet with the performer. This private video conference will allow up to five fans at one time to broadcast their webcams live for the performers to see them and talk to them in real time all on one screen.

Performer Payouts

Performer payouts are paid every two weeks. Two week total earnings must be equal to or greater than $50.00 USD to be paid during the pay period or will be rolled into the next pay period where the payout is equal to or greater than $50.00 USD.

*The first 50 performers to register for a performer account and perform live for fans on the Live Music Cams website, will receive our Grand Opening Payout special of 90% until June 30, 2021.

Performer Pay Percentages by Monetization Opportunity