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Welcome to Live Music Cams!

Live Music Cams is a live music venue platform for music entertainers, educators, and students to add additional revenue streams and interactive experiences to their existing performances. Offering remote interactive global audiences to performances, unlike any other online music venues, our platform offers ticket sales and live tipping.

Come watch and interact with your favorite music artists as they entertain fans globally!

Live Music Cams has the online tools music performers need to be successful broadcasting their performances live while entertaining in person. Offering the best live streaming music performance platform for online Live jam sessions, Live music events, Concerts, online Busking, Social Interacting and collaborating with other artists, musicians and fans, attending virtual Meet and Greets, teaching music lessons, and to hiring artists for live virtual and private gigs for your home entertainment or events!

Venue accommodations for Solo Musicians, Bands, Vocalists, DJ’s, Instrumentalists, Studios, Bars, Clubs, Educators, and other Live Music Venues.

Live Streaming Made Easy

A powerful new way to perform and stream live music performances online virtually. Meet and interact with performers, fans and audiences, and make money from anywhere in the world.

Best For:

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For Performers and Venues


Register for a Performer account, fast and easy, we get you up and performing live, fast! Send required legal documents so we can pay you.

Add a Concert or Event

Add your concert or event to Live Music Cams Event page. We sell your tickets and send the revenues directly to you. You can also list free events!

Setup Up Webcam Room

To live stream on Live Music Cams, you need to complete your webcam room profile, set up room features, and set the amount you want to charge for each service.

Setup Go Live Features

Change the broadcast settings for your preferred streaming options on Live Music Cams or use an external broadcaster to live stream.

Go Live and Perform

Start live streaming to your fans and audiences around the world, in real-time in the language of your choice. Live stream on Live Music Cams or the platform of your choice.

For Fans


Register for a Fan account to interact with performers, purchase tickets to events, purchase virtual currency, or hire performers for your next party or corporate event.

Purchase Concert or Event Tickets

Tickets to concerts and events can be purchased with either virtual currency or credit cards. Purchase tickets to your favorite entertainers.

Watch Live Webcams

Choose a live streaming performer webcam channel to watch on our Live Webcams page.

Meet Performers

Communicate with performers during their shows with live chat, private messages, audio or video recordings, song requests, tips, group and 2-way webcams.

Hire Performers

Hire and book performers for your next private party, corporate event, music venue, social event, special occasions, family fun night, meet and greet session, or music lessons.

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Why Us?


Made for the Music Industry

We built our platform with musicians, music venues, and their music fans in mind. Our Live streaming music performance platform offers the broadcasting tools necessary for hosting virtual live streaming concerts, live streaming sessions, and the ability to interact with performers and fans in a virtual setting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Live Streaming Performances

Recorded videos, Streaming music stations, Radio broadcasts, Podcasts and Digital music files are a great way to watch and listen to previous performances and recorded tracks but, watching and listening to live streaming performances virtually on a platform specifically designed for music entertainers, and being able to interact with fans and audiences around the world, can’t be matched!

Live Streaming Music Performances 24 Hours a Day

Live Concerts, Live Sessions, Live Meet and Greets

Interact with Musicians, Fans, and Audiences

Performances from around the world

High quality streaming

Secure payment gateway

Privacy and Security

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Become a performer

Are you an experienced music performer? Come join other music performers and fans in an environment made for you to make money online, safely!

make money online

Sell tickets, charge per minute of viewing per person, answer private question messages, private chat per minute, and collect tips from fans.

sell tickets to your events

Add to your revenue by creating your own private events, concerts, meet and greets, corporate events, social gatherings tickets, OR use Live Music Cams to sell more tickets to your concert on your favorite platforms and in-person shows!

Song requests

Song lists help organize performances and let fans know what they can request. Fans can instantly request a song and tip performers.

get hired for more gigs

Exposure is everything and performing live definitely shows your skills. Get hired from fans, corporations, and other performers for private events, concerts and parties.

Collect tips from your fans

Fans are able to buy virtual currency and virtually tip Performers for their great work, special requests, and song requests.

Host PPV and PPM Sessions

Paid Per View and Paid Per Minutes sessions is another great way to add to performer revenue streams.

live stream from anywhere

Stream from your computer from anywhere in the world, day or night. Fans are always online waiting to interact with you.

solo or shared performances

Live stream by yourself or collaborate with other performers and split the profits. Immediately see the money you make in your account.

Private, Group, or public shows

Perform in a private or public webcam room in a one-on-one or group show.

1-way or 2-way live streaming

Performers can broadcast on their webcams only allowing fans to see them or they can allow fans to broadcast their webcams at the same time.

multiple ways to communicate

Communicate through your live stream video broadcast, chat messages, private personal messages offline, audio, video, or chat only streams.

online schedules

Online schedules help keep fans informed of your next performance. Schedules can be posted in webcam rooms for fans to see and join in the entertainment.

Frequently asked questions

We are currently looking for experienced performers that have refined their skills and distinguishes them apart from amateurs.

We make it as easy as possible. We have created a Help menu with screenshots, instructions and explainations for both Performers and Fans to get up and running as fast as possible. We are currently working on creating videos of the process to help aid the learning curve.

Live Music Cams was developed for musician performers and live music enthusiast fans. Music fans and entertainers around the world are welcome to use our website. Although our website is currently in the English language, that doesn’t mean performers and fans speaking a different language can’t register for an account and enjoy the music of their language in their own webcam room.

Absolutely! We offer several monetization opportunities for performers to make money on the Live Music Cams website. You may choose to work as an independent contractor live streaming your music performances on the side or as a full time gig. There is definitely several opportunities to work and interact with your fans.

Yes! We are currently looking for live music performers to work on a full or part-time basis as an independent contractor. Interested performer, click on the Register button at the top of any page and submit your performer requirements to us. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

At minimum, it is recommended that you have a home or laptop computer, a wired internet connection, a professional microphone, and an audio mixer to connect your microphone and instrument to your computer.

Be sure to visit our help pages for more detailed information.