About Us

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Vision Statement

To provide musicians the best live streaming music performance platform online allowing live steaming and interaction with audiences.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to become the best live streaming music webcams venue online where musicians, bands, DJ’s and, music enthusiasts come to watch, meet, request, hire, perform, and listen to live music entertainment globally.

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Our company was founded in “the Music Capital of the world”, and the capital of Texas. Austin, Texas, USA. Our business offices are located in the suburbs of Austin, TX in the North East, in a suburb called Pflugerville, TX.

Business Story

Streamer, LLC is the company behind the Live Music Cams live streaming website. Kevin Scolaro, a U.S. Navy veteran whom served in the United States Navy for six years formed the company after realizing the need to connect musicians and vocalist to their fans and broader audiences around the world and to make money online doing it. The former small business owner is mainly known for his work in information technology, visual arts, and education. Mr. Scolaro knows from his previous experience owning businesses and working in different industries what it takes to be successful. With his love for music, Mr. Scolaro is now on to his next venture in music, connecting music performers to audiences world wide.

The Business Idea

The business idea of owning a live streaming platform company started in 2016 when Mr. Scolaro was working for an Information Technology company. He knew he wanted to work for himself again and began brainstorming ideas combining his love for technology and music. After a few weeks of brainstorming, he found the idea that just made sense. He wanted to start a live streaming webcams business dedicated to musicians! This was a beautiful idea as more people owned personal computers and mobile devices to be able to connect with musicians online and there wasn’t anybody else doing this type of business yet.

Forward Progress

In the first quarter of 2020, the COVID-19 Pandemic hit the world by surprise. Businesses began laying off staff and working remotely. Companies allowed their employees to work online. Mr. Scolaro knew this was the perfect time to start the business he shelved back in 2016. During the second quarter of 2020 he began his research again to see how the technology had progressed since 2016. He found that the technology and costs had improved.

During this same time, businesses were training their staff to use some of the technology that was needed to make his business work. In addition, more people would now believed in this technology as the new way for business and entertainment. By the third quarter of 2020, Mr. Scolaro’s vision was coming true as most people were trained in the technology necessary to produce and participate in online meetings, events, venues, conferences, and collaborations. In August 2020, Mr. Scolaro knew this was the right now to start his company!

How It All Started

In September of 2020 Mr. Scolaro started Streamer, LLC and began working on the companies first product, Live Music Cams. One of his goals for the companies first product was to create an online music venue to help musicians globally live stream their musical talents online and achieve international fame, success, and recognition. He wanted to create a product for music professionals to interact and entertain their audiences online, have fun, and make money.

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